Multiple Packages for Citadela Directory plugin (survey)

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Updated: April 6, 2021
Multiple Packages for Citadela Directory plugin (survey)

First of all, some good news for you. We’re just finishing the Claim Listing feature. It will be available in the upcoming week or so after final testing.

We are continually preparing new features for Citadela products as we have informed about our plans. There is also an article comparing directory templates that may be useful to you.

Upcoming directory feature

We have a question for those of you who use our older directory templates or are considering creating such a website for the Citadela Directory plugin.

Next significant feature we will be working on is “Multiple packages” and “Permissions manager”. Here we’d need a little help from you.

Selling packages on catalogue pages is one of the ways to make money on a website. What is your business strategy? What do you offer listing item owners?

How do you currently use multiple packages in our old directory themes?

Please let us know what the differences between your packages are. Is it the number of items per account? What is the most important thing we should include?

We have a lot of ideas in our heads but want to start with the most important things first to help you and your businesses. We have already received essential suggestions from some of you. We are happy to give space to others, and we look forward to your comments.

This feature allows you to monetize a website and we’ll do it the best we can.