How to build multi language website? Try Ait Languages – WordPress translation plugin

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Updated: November 19, 2018
How to build multi language website? Try Ait Languages – WordPress translation plugin

Having a multi language website will open whole lot of new opportunities for you and your business. Creating one doesn’t have to be too complicated either.

Ait Languages is a WordPress translation plugin, which will allow you to translate:

  • all pages,
  • posts,
  • menus,
  • elements,
  • custom post types and
  • widgets.

This plugin will even translate your wp-admin, page builder and settings. Ait Languages includes 28 language translations of admin and all WordPress themes with multilingual support from Ait-themes.

In this video, you can see how to easily turn on translations of custom post types with Ait Languages plugin.

Video also shows the straight forward way of adding translations to the website. There’s no need to upload any PO files.

One more hint: Once you add a string of translation, it will be automatically translated everywhere on the website. No need to add the same translation over & over again.

Multilingual website in WordPress

Building multilingual website could be as easy as installing one plugin. Language switch will appeare on your site automatically after creating a page in second language.

Posts in different languages are connected – the system “knows” that a new post is a translation of already existing post, which is a great advantage from SEO and administration point of view.

For the full description of all features of Ait Languages plugin as well as pricing & sign up, visit multilingual support.

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