How to change Login redirecting

I will show how to change login redirecting to other url then home inside CHILD THEME. File where is set redirecting is located here: /wp-content/themes/directory2/ait-theme/widgets/AitLoginWidget.php But there is own  class so please follow next instructions how to change redirecting inside CHILD […]

How to limit gallery inside ITEMS

Theme dont have this option but is possible to change inside source code exactly with /wp-content/themes/businessfinder2/ait-theme/config/cpts-metaboxes/item-data.metabox.php file Just looks for gallery metabox and there is max value set to 20 by default, which you can change you would like

How to change Items Reviews email

Unfortunately theme dont have option to change this email inside admin panel. Which is: Review %d for item %s is waiting for your moderation If you would like to change you have to change translations for ait-item-reviews plugin. These translations are […]