How to update theme or plugin without our ait-updater plugin

WordPress 5.5 introduced new feature to update theme / plugin zip folder directly from wordpress admin panel how to update theme via wordpress admin without our ait updater plugin download zip folder of theme from ( you need to be […]

Website migration from HTTP to HTTPS

Beside the security, there are probably also other additional reasons like performance, SEO and rankings due to which you might want to move your website from HTTP to secured HTTPS with SSL certificate. Our article explain the process of website […]

Load Google Map on request

Loading of Google Map after manual click on the button by visitor may be very helpful way to save your money for Google API Key. In case your website has high traffic and each Google Map is loaded automatically after […]

Header Map pagination

How to turn on pagination for header map and show only item posts already displayed on the page.

How to clear your DNS cache

DNS cache on your local computer stores IP addresses of hostnames you have recently visited. From time to time IP address changes. You might wait a couple of hours until your DNS cache refresh automatically or clear the DNS cache manually […]

How to change FAVICON (url icon)

Our themes have option to change favicon inside THEME OPTIONS, so just go to THEME ADMIN -> THEME OPTIONS -> GENERAL There is option to change that, please look at image bellow: