Website migration from HTTP to HTTPS

Updated: August 1, 2018

Beside the security, there are probably also other additional reasons like performance, SEO and rankings due to which you might want to move your website from HTTP to secured HTTPS with SSL certificate.
Our article explain the process of website moving from HTTP to HTTPS, the assumption is that you have already active SSL certificate on your hosting side. If you don’t have your SSL certificate, contact your hosting provider for more information and activation of certificate for your website.

In order to make https working properly on your WordPress website, you have to rewrite all http urls to https in database. It’s the general process which have to be done regardless on installed Theme on your WordPress website. Doesn’t matter if it’s our AIT Theme or any other theme from other developers, process is the same. Once you rewrite http urls to https in your database, you can be sure that you have rewritten your website url in all needed places like content of Pages or Posts, urls used in theme, plugins or WordPress options, urls of images uploaded in options of theme or plugins and all other places where the url of your website can be.

WordPress itself and also our AIT Themes and Plugins never use fixed http urls in the code, so you don’t need to touch AIT Theme or Plugins files only because of wanted https url for your website. Website with SSL certificate will run properly once there will not be http urls in your wordpress database.

There are plenty ways how you could rewrite records in your database and this process may require some experience. If you are not sure how to do that yourself, consider to contact experienced person who could do that for you – our experienced developers will gladly move your website from HTTP to HTTPS, simply order the service: Website migration from HTTP to HTTPS

Author: Ivan Hudak

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