Warnings or Notices displayed on my website

Updated: December 3, 2015

The warnings or notices messages appears like:

Warning: the rest of warning message pointing to the file with problem
Notice: the rest of notice message pointing to the file with problem

First of all, usually it isn’t functionality problem, it is just the warning which should be hidden by default on the server and should not be displayed on the live website. Seems like you have:

  • turned on showing of all notices and warnings on your server, or
  • turned on debug in wp-config.php file in the root folder of your WordPress installation

Please make sure that debug and displaying of these notices/warnings is disabled according to hosting requirements in documentation which recommend turn off them while website isn’t under development: Hosting Requirements

Possible solutions:

  1. contact your hosting company to make sure displaying of all Warnings and Notices is turned off on the server
  2. disable debug mode in your wp-config.php file in root folder of your WordPress installation – you have to have there line define('WP_DEBUG', false);

If none of solutions above helped, contact our Support team to look at problem closer.

Author: Ivan Hudak

Support Manager
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