Themeforest and Codecanyon Customers

Updated: March 8, 2021

Thank you for buying our products on Themeforest or Codecanyon. Please read bellow all important steps to obtain support, activate theme and get automatic updates. There are three steps and I’m happy to navigate your through them.

Important thing is what product did you purchase. If you bought DirectoryPRO (FW2) license please read below.

For customer that bought Citadela Directory Plugin @Codecanyon we preparing readme in more details.

What to do after theme installation file download?

  1. Right after Theme installation on your website copy your Purchase code and paste them into Theme Options settings. We describe details here.
  2. Then register your Purchase Code on our website and get access to support service. Log in.
  3. When you are logged in go to Download Plugin section and get AIT Updater plugin. Install it on your website.
  4. Navigate to My Account -> API Keys and genereate one for your domain to access automatic updates.

All process is described in details as Theme Activation (Themeforest Customers only) under Documentation. This page is determined to describe different customers status, please read below.

As we operate more than 11 years now and we went through more support system, please see description below so you can identify yourself .

How to access Ait Themes Support?

Please register Purchase code on our Club website to obtain technical support access. If you have more Themeforest or Codecanyon products, each of them need to be registered.  Furthermore you must purchase license for each project – domain. Item support service is additional requirements by Envato. Since September 1, 2015 new Item Support Policy is applicable.

Follow steps below according your situation

1. I’m first time buyer and have fresh purchase on Themeforest. Or I have old purchase but have never used AitThemes Support yet. What do I need to do?





How to get themeforest purchase codeTo get your theme purchase code, please log in to your Themeforest account. Go to Downloads and find the product. Click on green button “Download”. A dropdown will appear. Click on “License certificate & purchase code”. Beside this dropdown you can see information about Item Support validation. 

2. I’m old customer and I used to have access on your previous (old) support forum.

Likely your account was migrated in January 2016. Please go to Sign In site and check your for your username or e-mail whether the system can recognise them. If not, please follow according 1st point.


3. I have 2+ Themeforest products. How to get support for all of them?

While you have registered 1st product and created account, now you can log in and go to My Admin / Subscription page. There you can register another purchase code. All registered product are listed below. Register additional Themeforest product


4. I have registered purchase code but I still cannot access support?

This happens when your Themeforest product has Inactive status. In other words this mean that your Item Support service has expired. To access support you have to renew support.

Inactive Themeforest theme


5. I have registered purchase code but I still cannot access support?

I have Club account but no product is under My Admin / Subscription page. Please follow point no. 3 to log in and register your purchase code.


Author: Emilia