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Updated: October 7, 2016

Email requests are handled by your web host (unless you are using an SMTP plugin or you maintain your own mail server). Every host has their own policies and procedures for sending email from their servers, and since each host thing a bit differently, contacting your host for any helpful information is a good idea. A host’s mail logs can be examined and should be able to tell if mail was sent, received by the destination server or some certain reasons of failure.

Here are some steps for troubleshooting your email issue:

  1. check out if your website is able to send any email: Create new user via wordpress options Users > Add New. To email address defined for new user you should receive email to resent or set up password for whit new user. If you do not receive any email, contact please your hosting company.
  2. if your website can send some emails for example from other WordPress functions or from other forms, you have to troubleshoot your email action. Here are some common issues that could cause problem to send email:
    • sending mail from an address that doesn’t match your domain
    • having too many links, not enough content or otherwise spammy looking content
    • sending too many emails in a short period of time (usually in the 100’s per hour, though your cost can clarify that number)
  3. if you see that some emails were sent, and other email cannot be send, look at the mail that is getting through and examine that for differences from the mail that isn’t going through. Your hosting provider should be able to tell you if some mail is being blocked, and might be able to tell you why
  4. if still no emails were send, you can still run test though. Just create a testmail.php file with following lines of codes:
    mail('', "Test Email", "Test mail from server");
    //mail(your email address, subject of mail, content of mail);

and run it on your server. It’s default php mail function to send email, so you can see if your server is able to send email.

Author: Ivan Hudak

Support Manager
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