Prevent deletion of languages files with theme and plugins update

Updated: January 29, 2018

If you are creating translations on your own, or you are editing translations provided by us in AIT Languages plugin, you have probably stored your translation files directly in folder of theme ./wp-content/themes/themeName/ait-theme/languages/ or plugin ./wp-content/plugins/pluginName/languages

In both cases mentioned above you will lost your translations with theme or plugin update, because update will delete folder of theme or plugin and replace it with new folder where are stored default theme files.

Where should be stored translations files safely to prevent their deletion?

  • Child Theme – store translation files of Theme in child theme folder: ./wp-content/themes/ChildThemeName/ait-theme/languages/
  • default WordPress languages folder – store translation files in general folder from which WordPress loads translation,
    Theme translation files save in folder: ./wp-content/languages/themes/
    – name of .mo file must include the name of active theme, if your active theme is in folder ./wp-content/themes/my-theme, translation file name would be
    Plugin translation files save in folde: ./wp-content/languages/plugins/
    – name of .mo file must include the name of plugin, if plugin is installed in folder ./wp-content/plugins/my-plugin, translation file name would be

If you are going to edit po file and change translations over FTP, download po file to your computer and edit file locally, because generated mo file is not uploaded to your server automatically with saved po file!

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