Load Google Map on request

Updated: July 27, 2018

Loading of Google Map after manual click on the button by visitor may be very helpful way to save your money for Google API Key.
In case your website has high traffic and each Google Map is loaded automatically after page load for all of your visitors, you could very easy exceed minimal quota for Google Maps API Requests what means additional costs if you want to offer Google Map on your website for other visitors.

With feature “Load Google Map on request” your Google Maps are not loaded immediately after page load. Visitors have to manually click on the button in case they want to see the map.
After click on the button is called Google Maps API and google map is loaded for visitor. There are no calls to Google API until visitor click on the button manually.

Load Map option is available in all Page Builder Elements which show the map like Google Map Element (in all our multilingual and translated themes), Header Map Element (in Directory type themes), Tours Slider Element (in Expedition theme), Sidebar Map & Timeline Element (in EventGuide theme).

Load Google Map on request

With this option you can define separately which maps would be loaded immediately after page load, and which maps would be loaded after manual click on the button.

Design options for section displayed in the place of map can be found in Theme Options > Google settings. You can change the background of section and text displayed in the place of map at once for all maps.

If you have installed Directory type theme where the small map is displayed on Item Post detail page, you can enable request map feature in Theme Options > Google settings at once for all maps on Item Post pages. The same apply for maps displayed automatically on other posts pages like Tour page in Expedition theme.

How it may look on frontend

Example of request map feature

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