How can directory user upgrade his current Package?

Updated: September 18, 2017

In our directory type themes are visitors of website able to register and manage own Item posts or also EventPro posts if plugin AIT Events Pro is installed. After registration process they are registered with WordPress Role created on the base of Package which they select in registration form.

Once the user is registered in some Package, they are still able to upgrade their package (role) to higher available package.
Let say you have configured on website three types of Packages: Free, Basic and Premium package.
User registered in Free package can upgrade account in his Profile page and select one of higher packages. In our example with three available packages he can upgrade to Basic or Premium package.

Following screenshot shows the Profile page in Easy Admin screen where logged user can select package and click on Upgrade Account button to process all necessary steps to get higher package. In case of charged packages, user is moved to payment screen of selected Payment Gateway (we offer payments via Paypal or Stripe plugin which can be found on our website).

Upgrade Package

Author: Ivan Hudak

Support Manager
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