Element display just “Info: There are no items created, add some please.” instead of posts

Updated: August 18, 2016

Are you trying to display posts on the page via element in page builder, but all you can see is just annoying message “Info: There are no items created, add some please.” like on screenshot below?

 Info: There are no items created, add some please.

WordPress can’t get posts from database and display them on the page, possible reasons are:

  1. After theme installation you are editing imported demo content, but meantime you changed languages available on the site in Theme Admin > Languages options – posts were saved in database for another language and now you are working with different language so WordPress can’t fetch them from database for this language
  2. You didn’t work on multilingual website and you already have created some posts. You decided create multilingual website so you turned on AIT Languages plugin – posts were not saved to specific language before and WordPress looking for them in database under some language, so can’t find them in database as they were not saved for some language

So what would you do?

Solution is very simple, you have to assign posts to your default language, to allow WordPress find them in database for that language.
Go into Theme Admin > Languages Settings and save your Default Language again with selected checkbox which say that you have there some posts which are not assigned to any language:

Languages Settings

Author: Ivan Hudak

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