Custom post type (toggles, items, members …) is not showing in my admin panel

Updated: August 30, 2016
  1. At first please check in documentation if theme supports your custom post type.
  2. Also check, you are loged as administrator on your site.
  3. Maybe there was some problem after initializing of your theme. Please try to go to: /wp-content/plugins/ait-toolkit/lib/AitCptsManager.php file, there is  registerCpts() function so just remove or comment if statement like on source code bellow.
    //if (!get_option('ait_cpts_capabilities_assigned', null)) {
    foreach($this->cpts as $cptId => $cpt){
    update_option( 'ait_cpts_capabilities_assigned', true );

    then reload your admin page and check if missing custom posts are showing again. If custom posts are back, then please uncomment if statement from your code.


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