Archive page of custom post type

Updated: September 22, 2016

Custom Post Types that may be assigned to categories (taxonomies) and have own detail page of post, may be usually displayed on Archive page in chronological view. It’s general WordPress page generated for custom post types.
If you would like to access archive page of some Custom Post Type, focus on the url of post detail page.

Detail page example of Item Post:

Archive page of Item posts may be accessed via url that contain name of post type, in example above is name of post type in part /item/. It means that archive pages for Items post type may be accessed on url:

So generally, url of post type archive page is like

Edit Archive pages

Archive pages are generated by WordPress and don’t have any special options to modify layout of displayed posts. Layout of archive page itself may be configured in Page Builder. In page builder select Archive Page to edit, and you can insert wanted elements to the archive pages. Posts displayed on the archive page are in Page Builder represented by Content Element, because wordpress generate posts in place of main content.
Different archive pages, so archives of different custom post types cannot be modified separately. You can define main layout of archive pages just once, the same for all archive pages. Exceptions may be archive pages of our post types like Events Pro or Items – these posts allows you to edit their archive page separately, just select their archive page in selection of special pages in Page Builder.

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