Add custom capability for Item Categories and Locations

Updated: March 23, 2017

Since AIT permission manager version 1.4 an item capability option is hidden for all directory packages set in a theme. It means that a user with an account created by a directory administrator could see items in their admin dashboard. The administrator does not have to set anything. The user would see only items and would not have access to item taxonomies (categories and locations).

For all other account types there is an option in permission manager settings to allow or deny access to items. For example shop manager (account type added by woocommerce plugin) would see and have access to items, item categories and item locations if this option is enabled and have no access neither to items nor to item categories and locations if disabled.

In case you want to change it, please read how to add a capability using custom capabilities manager.

If you want to add the access to the item categories for directory packages or remove the access for other account types, please add these capabilities:


You can do the same with item locations:


Author: Ivan Hudak

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