Knowledge Base provides answers to the most common Theme questions

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Knowledge Base provides answers to the most common Theme questions

You know it. You buy a WordPress template and then you have to go through the documentation. Documentation explains in detail how the various functionalities of the template work. As the documentation uses a lot of technical terms and contains quite a lot of information, it is usually time consuming to go through it.

Although the information is useful, not every user needs to explore and understand all the links and relations between individual template features.

Sometimes user simply needs a clear answer to one particular question – quickly and without too much technical detail. And that’s what our Knowledge Base for WordPress themes is good for.

Everything you want to know in one place

Knowledge Base provides solutions to real situations and problems that one can encounter in different stages of working with templates. From the installation, through the theme customization, to the actual construction of the website. In addition to covering answers to the FAQ, it provides much more – useful tips and tricks. Thanks to this, users can better navigate through the Page Builder or Theme Options.

At the same time, there are various “How to” guides, like step by step descriptions of use cases – how to activate/deactivate various settings and what to do if a problem occurs. Everything is explained briefly and as practical as possible.

You can search for information by category or directly through the search bar.

Knowledge Base Sections

Find the right solution in a matter of seconds

If you don’t want to waste any time and you want to find an immediate answer to your question, use the search bar in the Knowledge Base. It’s the fastest way to find exactly what you need. Just type a keyword, phrase or specific question and click OK.

Searching in the Knowledge Base works intuitively – immediately after entering a keyword, options relevant to your search show up. These options are a hint helping you to choose the right answer.

Keyword search

Keyword search

Posts corresponding to the searched keyword are displayed on the left side. The section/category the article belongs to is located on the right side.

In addition, the search was designed to be completely user-friendly. It can find the relevant result regardless of how in detail the search criterion is specified. That’s why you can for example enter a specific question that interests you, like “how to create slider”.

Search by question

Search by question/ phrase

And you can also directly describe the problem you encountered. Let’s say „google maps doesn’t work“.

Search by problem

Search by problem

In addition to the practical posts of the Knowledge Base, the search looks into information in Documentation as well to give you all the relevant results. (Yes, even the more technical ones, if available).

Why to use our Knowledge Base?

Knowledge Base is designed to provide maximum comfort to the users. That’s why you can enter not only a simple keyword, but also a phrase, a question or a problem directly into the search bar. Thanks to the search bar, you get the answer to most of your questions instantly – faster than contacting our support team and waiting for the task resolution.

Knowledge Base is updated regularly, therefore you can rely on the latest information on all the themes and features.

Try our Knowledge Base

All important information in one place, time savings and fast problem resolution 24/7. Knowledge Base will simplify your work with any of our Ait themes.