Get to know AitThemes team better: today interviewing Peter

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Get to know AitThemes team better: today interviewing Peter

Peter is one of our great web developers. He’s been a honorable member of Ait Team for 4 years. He knows everything about everything although I don’t want to go into too much details regarding his professional qualities – in case you’d like to steal him from us.

Peter, please, tell us something about yourself.

Peter: I’m Peter from Giraltovce (Slovakia) and I’m 25. I studied Business Informatics and during my studies I spent one semester in Greece as Erasmus Student (an international mobility project for students). This was the start of my professional career even though I didn’t know it at the time.

Do you consider Erasmus as a start of your professional career? Can you please explain it further as I was under impression (as a former Erasmus student myself) that Erasmus was mainly about fun, lying on a beach and drinking lemonade with new friends.

Peter: Yes, you’re right. Erasmus is about socialising, gaining independence and meeting new people from different cultures. It gave me countless experiences, language skills and self confidence. After I returned back home I was looking for a way to stay in touch with people from all over the world. That’s how I found Ait. It was a perfect opportunity. I was communicating with clients at first and later I started developing new technologies for them too.

Peter on the longboard

Ait makes WP themes. WP themes are all about design. How do you apply design in your everyday life?

Peter: Well, I am not a designer and I have never payed attention to it before. But after few years in Ait I recognize an influence of my colleagues – designers on myself. For example my working desk at home must look fancy but simple. If I am about to buy a new phone or anything else for everyday use the appearance matters.

What are your hobbies?

Peter: I love to study foreign languages and cultures, make crazy trips and journeys (the more spontaneous the better). Recently I’m stacked with Portuguese language. We also have longboarding slash snowboarding team in AIT. That gives us a lot of opportunities to spend free time together and have a team buildings out of the office (unless it starts to rain :/).

At the same time I am a volunteer in a non-profit organization Erasmus Student Network as a communication manager. My role is to keep our social networks updated, to create posters, covers and graphics for events. I still claim that I am not a designer but as I mentioned above my colleagues have influenced me.


What was the craziest trip you ever went for?

Peter: It looks like my trips are graduating. So each next will be more and more insane 😀 Right now the record holds hitchhiking in Portugal. We were traveling from north to south during 3 weeks without any certain plan and if there isn’t any plan the troubles are just behind the next door. I lost my sunglasses and phone charger at the airport in Vienna. The trip didn’t even start yet. But I was sure it’s just a coincidence (said the fool before he lost next 3 glasses during the trip) …and the trip finished when I lost a friend in the train… Or better to say she lost me when she left me sleeping in the night train! That moment when you wake up alone in totally wrong city and it’s your birthday. Lesson learned: Never leave the train in rush. And don’t panic. I had a T-Shirt with such label. I lost it too :/

Wow, that sounds like a great trip with a lot of “lemonade” 🙂
What did you do last weekend?

Peter: I’ve been enjoying snowy mountains over past few weekends before the winter season definitely ends. Right now there is nothing better to do during the weekends than snowboarding 🙂

Thanks so much, Peter & enjoy the last few bits of snow.