New software for practical editing of photos and videos. Introducing Photoshop Elements 15 & Premiere Elements 15

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Updated: October 29, 2016

Adobe came up with two new enhanced versions for editing of photos (Photoshop Elements 15) and videos (Premiere Elements 15). The key change in the most recent version is the addition of several practical functionalities for even simpler work with media. Thanks to this even those who haven’t had any practical experience with media editing before and aren’t professional graphic designers or photographers can now perform media editing easily.

For social network lovers?

Photoshop Elements 15 brings exceptionally effective features. For example possibility of creation and addition of own digital frames or new painting effects. Editing of photos using these features is appreciated primarily by Facebook and Instagram fans. Because at the end of their editing, they can display proudly their original picture that is definitely worth sharing.

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The most significant functionality to try in Premiere Elements 15 is the functionality that changes and simplifies the way how video collages are created.  From manual positioning of scenes to a much more friendly method. It’s certainly worth to try!

You can read the detailed list of individual features in the article Photoshop Elements 15 and Premiere Elements 15 are out by

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