UPDATE (Feb 9, 2017): For up to date information about our Memberships please check our Pricing & sign-up page out.

There’s beauty in simplicity

It can be tough to decide which theme to use for the new website. Wide range of themes, different functionalities and display options. To make it easier for you to make the right decision, we’ve rearranged our products into new packages. All products are now split into 2 main groups:

  • Premium products for creating classic websites
  • Directory products for creating listings portals

Last year many themes were added to our club, especially for creation of classic business presentations, landing pages, e-commerce and non-profit websites. We’ve grouped them all, added the relevant plugins and graphics in order to build Premium Themes package perfect for the conventional websites.

PremiumX membership is the best unlimited package. Today half price only!

Since 2009 we’ve created huge amount of templates for business use. Almost all of them are still supported and updated. Even those oldest ones. We continuously enhance the whole concept and bring innovative solutions. From countless possibilities for customizing of our templates directly in wp-admin, through page builder and various elements for user friendly usage and simple work, as well as the extraordinary design.

Last but not least we are the only multilingual WordPress theme provider.
Only with us you have the option to choose from a large number of translated and multilingual themes and plugins.

One part of PremiumX membership is Ait Languages. It is a plugin with enclosed translations for wp-admin and front end along with the multilingual functionality. You can select your languages directly in the settings via wp-admin without a need for uploading PO files.

What does this package contain?

  • Ait premium themes
  • Ait premium plugins
  • Ait premium graphics

Our offer contains 70 templates in total. Most of them run on our own framework. The latest Ait Framework 2 is the core for all the fantastic functionalities. Each new template is built on this framework. And exactly these templates:

  • are compatible with Ait Page Builder,
  • are multilingual with built-in language translations of front-end and admin interface (wp-admin),
  • contain Ait elements toolkit plugin.

Who is PremiumX intended for?

It’s for you if you want to have the best wordpress themes, plugins and functionalities ready at hand. With our templates you will create eye catching website with professional design. Multilingual websites and websites in other language than English including the administration interface.

  • Web and marketing agencies
  • Companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs of various specializations
  • Startups
  • Non-profit organizations and citizen associations
  • Bloggers and personal use

How much?

Today, you can pick whichever template you like and we will throw in all the other themes from our Premium line. Gain all the templates for the price of one. Today you can get this package for unbeatable price of $89.

Basic membership

One of the recent changes is also this Basic Membership. It contains only Premium templates. It’s ideal for those who need just the basic WP functionality and template settings or would like to get familiar with Ait Themes Club.

New Directory package for online directory & listings business

It’s designed primarily for customers who build information and advertising portals.
If you need to work with special functionality like adding items to a catalogue, maintaining and editing items, payments, reviews and other related functions of listings websites. Access to Google maps icons and categories is included in this package. You will get all the directory templates, plugins and graphics all together under one package.

Furthermore, with Directory Membership, you gain access to absolutely all Premium templates, Premium plugins and Premium graphics.

What stays unchanged?

Single directory products. So those products, which relate to the creation of listings portal. Directory templates, plugins and graphics can still be purchased as individual products, piece by piece.


What’s the difference between PremiumX and Directory Membership?

PremiumX membership

Premium themes / Premium plugins / Premium graphics

Directory membership

Directory themes / Directory plugins / Directory graphics

For standard websites For creation of online listings portals
Themes for business and non-profit organizations, company presentations, landing pages and e-commerce Templates, tools and functionalities for creation of websites to generate revenues on internet
Tools and functionalities for creation of various website elements Access to special plugins and functionalities like items adding, geolocation, payments
Access to Premium products: themes, plugins, graphics Access to Premium products: themes, plugins, graphics

What happened to the old packages?

What’s changing for you if you bought any other previously available product or membership in the past? You don’t need to worry, you can continue to use all the previously purchased products and memberships without any change. You can extend them for next period now or before the expiry date according to the original terms for the original, guaranteed price. Or you can decide for one of the new packages and gain more benefits.

Any changes to the terms of purchase?

Most of the terms and the conditions of purchase remain unchanged. Along with the purchase of individual products you gain also access to our support and updates for the period of 12 months since the date of purchase. We do not limit the number of domains you can use our products on.

Beware of big change in the Money-back guarantee policy!

Money-back guarantee policy was extended to all our products, including the memberships. You can now buy, try and ask for the refund even for PremiumX and Directory memberships. Caution, instead of 30 days, you have only 10 days for this.

Our products are result of countless hours of hard work of all the members of our excellent AIT team. The value each one of us puts into our products is that unique ingredient which creates the core that you can get with us.

Possibility to upgrade to a higher package?

It is possible to upgrade the package by paying the price difference during 30 days from the date of purchase. Log into your account and go to My Admin tab. There you can find the list of all previously purchased products, option for upgrade or renewal.


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