Interview with Marta Fally: Competition does not sleep

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Updated: September 18, 2018
Interview with Marta Fally: Competition does not sleep

Today we continue with another interview with very inspirational entrepreneur. As it is the middle of the summer season it’s the perfect time to check out this great story about how to start an online business literally from the beach. How is the life in Andalusia and what you can experience there? We asked Marty Fally, founder of Marbella Events Guide portal.

Get to know luxurious Marbella

Please tell us your story. Why have you decided to work with events and gastronomy in Marbella? How did you get into it?

When we moved to Marbella, we were looking for a new idea to make some extra money here with a website. We noticed that Marbella celebrates partying almost all year long and most of the young tourists coming to the Costa del Sol want to party all day and night. At that time, the competition on the Internet for such event sites was low. And those who existed were and still are not really nice. So we decided to build an event and listing page. So after searching for the best WordPress event theme, we came to the decision that Event Guide from AIT Themes is the best for us.

We succeeded quite well. We were on Google’s first page in no time at all, sometimes even on first position.

What’s the most special thing about Marbella? Why should tourists visit it?

Marbella has always been the city of the rich. Luxury, money, beautiful things and pretty women who have always been here to be seen. Of course, this also attracts many onlookers who just want to see this luxury lifestyle and maybe even to be a part of it for a while.

Is it mainly for young people or is there something for all generations?

Marbella has something for every age. Whether young or old, everyone can enjoy their holidays and experience a lot at the Costa del Sol. Of course, the many beach clubs, discos and nightclubs and bars are geared towards the young audience, but even the older generation will not come here in a hurry. Anyone can go to Marbella where he wants, as long as he has enough change in his pockets.

Which part of your website is the most visited? What are people mostly interested in?

On our website the most popular are the events areas. But the listings of beach clubs or nightlife locations are also seen a lot. In high season, we have around 30k visitors per month with nearly no bounce rate. That’s why we’re mainly focused on listing all the events taking place in and around Marbella.

Marbella events

Marbella events

Your main goal is to promote beach clubs, music events, pool parties and everything that has something to do with nightlife. How many people visit this kind of events? We can guess that tourists love to entertain.

Yes, the most popular categories on our site are about beach clubs, music events, pool parties and nightlife. Because everyone who comes here to Marbella wants to experience at least once such an event. Some tourists come especially to Marbella to attend such events every day.

Which music event is highlight of the season?

The biggest music event in Marbella is the annual Starlite Music Festival. Where already all the big stars of pop and rock music have performed. This year’s top performer will be Steven Tylor from Aerosmith, Pet Shop Boys, Sting, Jamiroquai, David Bisbal, Texas, Juanes and many others.

Visiting music clubs and partying is mainly night activity. What else can tourists do in Marbella during the day?

Not only nightlife is worth seeing in Marbella, also for nature lovers and city travelers there is much to see. The old town of Marbella or the famous and luxury harbor of Puerto Banus is a must, when you’re there. A trip to the mountains to the city of Ronda or to Gibraltar or Tarifa on the Atlantic, which is a paradise for windsurfers and Kate Surfer, are all beautiful experiences. Also, to see Malaga, the capital of Andalusia is certainly an experience.

On your website you also mention wedding in Marbella. Why do you recommend wedding in Andalusia?

Marriage in Marbella is the dream of many couples. Mainly couples from the UK prefer to marry here in Marbella. But also, from all over the world lovers come to say their yes word here. That’s why we have also set up an own website,, which has come up with a list of everything you need to know about marrying in Marbella.

What are your plans to the future?

There are many ideas and niches for new web appearances here in Andalusia. We already have some new projects in mind. However, planning is very time-consuming to start a successful project. I cannot and do not want to reveal much here, because the competition does not sleep. But we still have a lot to do here in Marbella.

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