Initial steps for creating a WordPress website

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Initial steps for creating a WordPress website

WordPress and Themes

Creating a website has never been easier. But if you’re absolute beginner, it might seem a little bit tricky as it’s still a technical matter.With the current state of user friendly layout of WP admin environment creating a website has stopped being a rocket science.

If you’ve decided to have your own website, you have to decide if you want to spend:

  • your money on freelancer or marketing agency; or
  • your time to learn how you can create website yourself.

Choice number one is easy. Freelancer or marketing agency will take care of (almost) everything for you. Hosting, installation, configuration, inserting your content, regular updates. Range of services depend on your chosen agency, there’s no standard package.

If you want to learn something new and have everything under control you’ll go for option no 2. You know it’s worth it in the long run. To help you start we’ve put together a serie of articles with step-by-step guide on how to create and manage your very own website.

As you’ve learnt already, you need WordPress to create your website. To make your website look great you need a WordPress Theme.

Step 0. Choose and buy a Theme

A lot of themes on the market come with built-in functionalities, are nicely styled and include customer support. Important to know is that all reliable providers offer yearly membership with regular updates. Your website will be secure, compatible with latest WordPress, will get new functionalities and fixes, all for the initial price. You should not be paying for each update separately. Yearly membership should not be too expensive either. At least no more than few dozen cups of coffee per 1 year. Knowing that your website is well taken care of from technical point of view should guarantee you good night sleep, even if you decide not to cut down on coffee intake after paying the membership price 🙂

I really like themes from because of their unique multilingual support which comes standard. You don’t need to bother with translation of admin environment and front-end of your website. Great market place with wide range of Themes is also You can find more than 20 000 templates and themes there from a lot of different creators for affordable prices. There’s just one small thing to notice, according to their policy they do not guarantee that theme will always be available. And if it’s no longer available, neither are its updates. Also you can use purchased theme only once, for one installation (see step 4).

Step 1. Buy a hosting

There’s many hosting agencies and prices may vary quite a lot too. If you know you only need hosting for your WordPress website, here’s some tips for choosing the right one. As you already have your favourite Theme first thing you should check is its hosting requirements. Check that hosting supports WordPress version you’re going to have, that you will get enough hosting space and other parameters. WordPress auto-installation will save you a bit of time and trouble if available. You just click on one icon instead of downloading WordPress installation package and uploading it to your hosting server.

You can choose hosting with WordPress already provided so you can leave out step 3, eg.

Step 2. Buy a domain

Don’t rush this step. It’s crucial to have a good domain. If you’re buying domain that already exists, check for it’s history to make sure it doesn’t have embarrassing past as Google remembers everything.  If it’s a new domain, make sure it’s easy to remember and adequate for the website content. Here you have an unique chance to make it easy for your fans to spread your URL by word when talking about how great your site is in the pub.


Update: If you’re thinking of domain name for multilingual website with international scope, be careful. Some words might have different meaning in different countries which can lead to unwanted complications in future. It’s also important to check domain availability in those countries as .com domain can be still available but .it or can be already taken. You can avoid many issues if you find out about it up front.

Step 3. Installation of WordPress

Installation depends on your hosting provider. Some hostings have WordPress available at the press of one button. Just find the WP icon in the options and click on it. Some other require downloading installation package to your drive and uploading it to your hosting. WordPress website gives you very detailed instructions how to do it.


Our tip: Some developers offer complimentary services like WP Theme installation if purchased from them. An advantage is that you don’t need to lose time with initial settings or checking hosting requirements. Find out more about what your get by contacting developer directly before purchase.

Creating a WordPress website is just few clicks away now.

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