Intro: What do I use a phone book for?

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Updated: September 6, 2018
Intro: What do I use a phone book for?

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Yesterday on my way home I found lying in front of my front door a phone book. You know, the big yellow book full of useful phone numbers and other information. In a flash, my head was full of nostalgic memories of my childhood. We used to have an old type of phone with a spinning wheel. You had to put your finger in a hole, spin it around and wait for the wheel to return back to its initial position all without forgetting what number you’ve just dialed and which one you want to dial next. I used to remember phone numbers of all my best friends.

The best of all was the feeling when the phone rang and I didn’t know who was the call for until someone had answered it. Few seconds of excitement full of expectations and hope. Grandma used to remind us often how lucky we were to live in such a modern times of technological revolution, phone being the best gadget of all. I walked into the kitchen to put a kettle on for my afternoon tea when I noticed the leaking tap. I was back to reality, reached into my pocket for my smartphone, opened a browser and looked for the closest plumber in our area. Wait, wait, what? Are you asking why didn’t I open the yellow phone book? I’m just kidding, I know you’re not. You would have done the same thing.

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But how do you choose the right plumber? Ok, it doesn’t have to be a plumber. How do you choose the right “anything” you look for on the internet? You open your favourite search engine, type in the key words and instantly you have a list of “everything” you wanted. You click on the link, check it out, don’t like it, click back and go to the next one. Probably there are few hundreds of plumbers in your city.

What makes the difference between “like it” and “click back”?

There are few essentials that every website needs. First of all, website has to open. If it takes too long to open, you click back. Website that opens has to look professional. If it doesn’t you assume the service you’re going to get will be poor too. All features on the professional looking website have to work properly. If they don’t, it doesn’t look professional. It has to be easy to navigate on. You want to find your “anything” within first few seconds. If you’re looking for something more worldwide than local plumber, it’s nice to read about it in your own language even if it comes from another country. You definitely like intuitive sites. If you want to go to the pub, you want to see the location map right beside the “contact” information.

There should be daily menu on the restaurant’s website just above the booking and pre-ordering form. “Compare product” button is the best when it comes to choosing new home cinema. Something that other people use (and like) is more trustworthy. That’s why you read reviews and forums before you buy. One thing you really don’t like on websites is pop-up ads. On the other hand, it’s great to read about related products or things you’re interested in at the moment just by clicking on the banner you see, without having to go back to the search engine and thinking of new keywords. Just be careful not to get sidetracked for too long or the leaking tap will turn into home flood.

Oops, looks like I got sidetracked from the original question. So what do I use the phone book for? The answer is: I don’t!

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