New ideas how to rich blogpost content (+Reiskompas Case study)

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Updated: January 15, 2020
New ideas how to rich blogpost content (+Reiskompas Case study)

After you read this blog post, you explore a perfect way how to stand out the crowd with your website and its content. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or marketer in some company. Today you learn new things about creating rich website content. We tell you how to add extra information to your readers and gain more traffic.

How to create rich blog post content {Update 13.12.2019}

You may notice we have brand new theme Citadela Theme. This theme has many unique features made, especially for blogging. For example, with the Citadela WordPress Directory Plugin, you can create a micro portal site. While you write a blog post about tourist attraction, you can list them and show them on the interactive map. Read more about this feature in our latest blog post from the series Building WordPress Portals.

Another great new feature is coming on 19th Dec 2019. It will give you a possibility to add blogpost on the map. With this unique feature, you can enrich your website content. When writing about events, such as festivals, conferences, public event, workshops or exhibitions besides simple text and images, add items, map with points or listing in it.

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We’ve brought you a series of interviews with successful entrepreneurs who deal with online portal business. We would like to show you the implementation of our unconventional Multi-Author Blog Theme. This template allows you to create a blogging portal where multiple bloggers can participate in at the same time – including individuals, freelancers or digital nomads from around the world.

Our Multi-Author Blog Theme offers tailor-made features that can’t be found in any other WordPress theme. We’ll show you how they work in real life when used on a real website of one of our customers.

Used as a travel theme for a travel blog focuses on the presentation of interesting tourist destinations, travel tips and experiences. More than 8 bloggers, as well as the editorial team of the portal, are involved in the content building. Due to the fact that the portal creators decided to focus on readers from the Netherlands, the whole blog is in Dutch. That’s why currently only one language version is available.

However, Multi-Author Blog is a multilingual theme, which means that as soon as bloggers decide to write in a different language, this theme will allow this to happen without any additional technical interventions.

Implementation of Homepage

There are several dominant elements on the homepage visible straight away. Full-width slider, featured blog posts, as well as the most important categories these posts belong to. These correspond to the items in the Mega Menu.


The Main Menu on the blog is facilitated by Mega Menu tool, as mentioned before. The items represent categories = destinations like Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania. The other (sub)categories are the same for each country. These are mainly:

  • General info about the destination
  • Travel tips
  • Travelling stories

Mega menu

Extended Google Map Element

What distinguishes this travel theme from others, however, is an interactive Google map with pins, that serves for blog post localisation. Thanks to this, you can see what part of the world (what country, city, place…) the article is written about directly on the map.

Reiskompas is a significant portal with many traveller posts, and icons visualize these posts on the map. Icons are color-coded at the same time.

Turquoise colour represents grouped icons, and the number on the icon provides the number of posts for that location level detail. The individual articles are marked with smaller icons in magenta colour.

Maps with icons

Extended Google Map Element provide the functionality for having the added blog posts visualised on the map. Thanks to this feature, the blogger can assign GPS coordinates (if the author knows them) or location address directly to the post. If the author knows just the address, GPS coordinates are automatically generated so that the post can be displayed on Google Map at its exact location.

Post author detail in the travel blog

Google Map Element also allows for the coloured Post Markers to be used in various other sections of the page. They can display the location of the particular article on the map within the post detail. Or all posts from one specific author on one map.

Portal Reiskompas also uses this option, e.g. for Author page Inge Bakker. Post Markers here show all the posts of this blogger on the map.

Author page

At the same time, each blogger can partially adjust his/her Author page. All Reiskompas contributors have their profile photos and a short text about themselves to introduce themselves to the readers of this travel blog.

Blogger Inge

Blog post detail

The content is the most valuable part of each blogging portal. It is for this reason that the greatest emphasis is put on the post detail.

Article categorisation and social networks sharing

Reiskompas has several main categories and subcategories (similar to Mega Menu items) allowing readers better orientation on the website – especially when looking for an article on a particular topic. That’s why each blog post has categories listed on the right-hand side.

Share icons are located next to the post title for instant sharing on the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Share icons

Post with Gallery and Carousel

Every blog post performs better when it contains photos. Multi-Author Blog theme is designed to make it easier for bloggers to work with images, as well as to make them look good on the website.

Portal Reiskompas uses blog post variant Post with Gallery and Carousel. Page Header with Carousel is right at the start of the article and it automatically plays individual photos, which adds dynamics to the post.

Slider gif

Two variants for Caption text

The blog post contains a gallery of images belonging to that article. What’s interesting, the Multi-Author Blog theme allows displaying different caption text based on the total number of images.

If a smaller number of images is added, the caption text is placed under the image (as is the standard for most of the WordPress themes).

Caption text classic

If multiple images are added, the caption text will appear on top of these images – see picture on the right below.

Caption text special

Shortcode for buttons and third-party plugins

Bloggers use our shortcodes within the post detail. These allow adding of buttons with cross links. For example, to access the reservation system for the accommodation in the particular country the article is written about.

Booking button

Comments Element form provides readers with the option to add their comments below the article, and this element is directly integrated into Multi-Author Blog Theme.


Authors Element

This travel blog also uses the basic element provided by the Multi-Author Blog Theme – the Author’s Element. Its main functionality is the display of selected bloggers across the entire website. The order of individual bloggers can be sorted by different criteria, like a count number of blog posts or ratings.

Reiskompas uses this element within the Bloggers subpage, while the number of articles sorts contributors. The author with the highest number of posts is in 1st place.

Authors element

Multi-Author Blog theme changes the way of blogging

The advantage of a blogging portal, such as Reiskompas, is that thanks to the Multi-Author Blog theme, an unlimited number of authors can contribute at the same time.

It means that new and new posts with unique content are continually getting added to the blog. What creates a community of travel bloggers who can frequently write about their experiences and keep the stable readers base. More about Multi-Author Blog features.

There are many WordPress travel themes and blogs, but most of them stand on one traveller. And he/she has limited time and financial resources to cover the various countries of the world in a relatively short period.

This case study is just one of many successful projects using our product as a travel theme. However, Multi-Author Blog WordPress Theme is a universal theme. You can use it for building any blogging portal on any topic.

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