We haven’t sent any newsletter for quite a long time. We were simply too busy to find time to put it together 🙂 We’ve decided that we’ll definitely send one to all our customers once we launch our brand new AitThemes.club website. We didn’t want to be boring, full of text and buttons.


Once we were in the pub discussing what kind of newsletters we are actually reading. Newsletter definitely have to be interesting, it has to include nice or funny pictures. So instead of going to bigstock, grabbing a photo of a girl with a laptop we decided to put ourselves there.


What’s the result? It’s the most successful newsletter we ever created!



Thanks to everybody’s good spirit during the photo session we managed to take full hard drive of funny pictures that we’ll be featuring in all our upcoming newsletters. Don’t worry, we’ll show there some WordPress themes too 🙂


About Martin Kotys

CEO & Founder of AitThemes. Martin has 14 years experience in web industry. Has masters degree in IT. Experienced Web developer, Linux and Database Admin.