How to find a correct size for all Social Media Images

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Updated: September 6, 2018
How to find a correct size for all Social Media Images

Social media allows you to attract your customers in a quick and eye-catching way. But in every business there’s a big competition you need to keep up with. It’s especially important when it comes to social media like Facebook, Twitter or when you promote on YouTube. The most important step is, to make a great impression of your brand. So that’s why we present you with some useful instruction by, to teach you which image dimensions you should use for header & title photos (cover photos), banners and profile photos for the most common networks.

Customize dimensions according to social networks

If you are looking for the right image, you can choose one from your own company database or from thousands stock photos. Then you have to adjust picture’s properties according to your needs. Your next priority is to customize image’s dimensions for every single social network.

Find direct instructions and suitable dimensions in article here: Social Media Image Dimensions For 2016

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