How do I create my own slides with Revolution Slider?

Revolution Slider comes with features:

  • Unlimited Slides
  • Unlimited Caption Layers
  • CSS Animation with a fallBack to jQuery
  • Vimeo & YouTube video
  • Drag and Drop layering

How to create new Revolution Slider

In the main WordPress menu, navigate to Revolution Slider. The opened screen shows all your created slides.

To add a new slider click on the button Create New Slider.

Create Revolution Slider

Necessary options for each slider are:

  • Slider Title – the title of slider
  • Slider Alias – alias is the unique string which represent this slider, using alias you’ll choose which slider will be displayed on page
    Available are many other options which Revolution Slider plugin provide, you can find them in accordions on the right side of screen.

How to add/edit slides of Revolution Slider

When your slider is created, you can start creating slides.

Click on the “Edit Slides” button in the list of all your created sliders and add a new slide by click on the button “New Slide” or edit the existing slide by click on the “Edit Slide” button:

Add or Edit slider

On the edit page of the slide, you can see your created slide and edit each layer used in this slide.
You can edit General Settings for the whole slide and also edit each layer separately through options:

  • Layer General Parameters
  • Layer Animation
  • Layer Links & Advanced Params options

In Layer timing & Sorting options, you can order layers and change times for each of them.

Edit slide

For more information follow please original documentation of the Revolution Slider plugin.