Why more than 1/4 of all website are built on WordPress?

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Updated: March 13, 2019
Why more than 1/4 of all website are built on WordPress?

No matter how small or local you business is, there’s no doubt that you HAVE TO have a website. It’s almost like you don’t exist if people (your potential new customers) can’t find you online. There are so many ways to get the own website, from hand coding through customizable open source systems to cloud sites. WordPress is one of the most popular methods, it’s been here for 2 decades and the number of websites built on this platform is constantly on the rise.

CMS means freedom when it comes to editing website

First website in the world was published on August 6th 1991 and today the total count of websites is over 1,1 billion. It means that on average there is 1 website per 3 internet users. This number looks scary if you’re about to create your first very own website.

One of the frequently used terms that seems important on a way to creating a website is CMS – Content Management System.

CMS is a software allowing to create and modify website in user friendly environment. It’s a great way of managing your own website for whatever purpose – personal, business, non-profit etc. You can do everything from text editing, inserting pictures and subpages to creating contact forms and more without any hand coding or web-designing skills. With CMS it’s easy to have a website about your company, products and services. You can even have your own e-commerce and sell your products online with just few clicks. Work with CMS is similar to one with your e-mail client or text editor.

In the past, a lot of websites were static. Few simple pages like “about us,” “where to find us,” “contact information.” Together with 2 or 3 pictures it made a good enough website, IN THE PAST.

Today, website needs to be dynamic. Full of useful content, news, tips and blog posts.

This is the reason why a laic like you or me wants to use CMS. To create a dynamic good looking website that YOU can manage without having to call IT department to add a new post. CMS will help you to promote your company and products, create your own online magazine or have your personal blog.

I chose WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS’. Originally it was designed as a tool for bloggers to publish their posts. It’s an open-source project. Developers and designers from all over the world have started to create WordPress Themes and gave it much wider scale of use than anyone would ever imagine. More than 20 % of all websites are build using WordPress. Not only bloggers but many companies, freelancers and non-profit organizations have WordPress website. The main reason for choosing WordPress for me was security and continuity it provides. WordPress has become so popular that there’s wide community of IT specialists who are working on updates, issuing new plugins, security fixes and keeping it up to date. Thanks to the variety of WordPress Themes, user friendly layout and plenty of additional functionalities, WordPress has become the best tool for creating and managing a website so far.

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