Food Menu WordPress Plugin

Create Restaurant Portal

Does your website consist mainly from restaurants? This plugin is the right choice for you then! It brings your customers full food menu management right on your site. Let them create a whole a-la-carte or any time limited and recurring food offers. Unleash the full potential of your food centered portal website.

Food Menu Plugin

Enhance your user’s listed restaurants or similar businesses by giving them an ability to manage their food menus right on your website. Plugin provides an option to create a whole a-la-carte or any kind of food menu and even time limited or recurring offers. Each food is easily assigned to listed item and viewable on item’s detail.

Food is properly categorized and can be filtered right on the page. Key information such as price, amount and picture are sure thing.

Daily Menu? Check.

Item detail has special place for special offers. You can choose one food menu type as a special one. This menu is displayed and filtered by days. Daily menu is great example for this functionality.



Item Price Rating

Food Menu plugin adds price rating ability for items. Each item can set its price category on scale from one to five.
Price rating is then present everywhere where it’s usefull like on item detail, items element or map infobox.

You can even set price rating filter in search form and search by price. Also you can filter item maps by price rating easily.