Filter search for Citadela Directory

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Updated: March 17, 2021
Filter search for Citadela Directory

Search directory items by item extension fields right from your website homepage or basically any page. See how it works in this blog post.

Item extension is a brilliant feature of Citadela Directory. It allows you to add any custom fields to your directory items. You as a website administrator have full control over these fields. It really depends on your imagination and website type. For example if your website is about restaurants, your item extensions can be food type, price range or restaurant facilities. There are no limits.

Item extensions are then displayed on the item detail page, in our case restaurant detail page. But that’s not all. Your website visitors can filter by item extension fields and now they can also search by item extension fields. Let’s see how it looks on the following example images:

Filter search in map

Filter search in text content

How to configure and enable Filter search functionality can be found in our online documentation.

As always that’s not all guys. Citadela is getting better and better every single day. We will be adding search and filter by customer reviews rating and other little tweaks that you’ll love. All these new features come free to all our Full and Lifetime members.

If you have a brilliant idea that you wish we should add to our Citadela theme or plugin, feel free to post it in the comments below.