Featured Categories

Featured Categories option allows you to prioritize some Item Categories to be displayed in breadcrumbs of the Item post detail page and in the lists of Item posts like search results, Item Category, or Item Location pages. The option is helpful when your Item post is assigned to many Item Categories so the result on the page may be the mess of all categories displayed on the page as you see on the following image. Images used in this tutorial are from the legacy Directory WordPress theme. The same applies to other legacy themes that include the Featured Categories option.

Not Defined Featured Categories

How it may looks if for example just two Item Categories are defined as Featured Categories:

Defined Featured Categories

Option Featured Category is available for each edited Item Category:

Featured Category Option

In Theme Options > Item Categories/Item Locations section you can define a number of Item Categories that are displayed in breadcrumbs and search results with Item posts. Option defined to 0 (zero) means that the Featured Category option set for categories is ignored and displayed are still all categories.

Options for Featured Categories in Theme Options