Avoid fatal errors during the update process

Avoid fatal errors during the update process

This week, we changed the Citadela theme and Pro plugin code due to the Themeforest review process requirements. The change is quite a matter of principle. It is a one-time action, but it needs your close attention while doing the update this time.

We are sorry that this time it does not run smoothly and your attention is required.

Many of you use automatic updates through WordPress Admin. This week the updating process requires the exact order of what you update as the first.

Otherwise, the fatal error occurs on your website, and then you will need to solve it through “recovery mode” or updating files via FTP.

We describe all processes. Please read carefully.

Avoid fatal error

You can avoid the fatal error by first updating the Citadela Pro plugin and not the Citadela theme v4.2.0 update. The latest version is Citadela Pro v4.7.2 from today’s morning, and it handles the update process without fatal error. But you must run the update for Citadela Pro v4.7.2 as very first.

  1. Run update for Citadela Pro plugin v4.7.2
    (if you use all Citadela plugins – Pro, Blocks, Listing – you can update all of them at once)
  2. Run update for Citadela theme v4.2.0

Fatal error solved through recovery mode

In case you did not read this information before you did the update and the fatal error occurred.

When you update the Citadela theme v4.2.0 at first, the Citadela Pro plugin cannot communicate with the theme due to changes in the code, so the fatal error notification is displayed.

Thankfully WordPress sends an automatic email: “Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue”.

  1. Could you please go to your mailbox and look for this email.
  2. Inside this email, find a link for “recovery mode” that allows you to log-in again and update the Citadela Pro plugin.
  3. Click on the link for recovery mode. A new log in screen will show, and you will sign in to your WP administration. Then go to Dashboard -> Updates and process the update for Citadela Pro v 4.7.2

Then if you exit recovery mode, you can see that site is running.

Fatal error solved by FTP update

If you do not get this help email “Your Site is Experiencing a Technical Issue” for some reason, you must update the Citadela Pro plugin through FTP.

Apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

6 thoughts on “Avoid fatal errors during the update process

  1. yesterday i updated my plugin i dont know the order but after updating all the 3 plugins that fatal error occurred. I have not updated the theme by this time.

    I understand that theme to be updated first So i updated through FTP the new theme of citadela. I first renamed the old one in the theme folder of wordpress and there extracted the new theme downloaded from AIT theme website. It works.

    After that this morning i see new updates for the 3 plugins, I updated it and it went without error.

  2. recovery mode link doesn’t work, tried it many times. Could I update the Pro plugin via cPanel? If yes, please describe how?

    1. Hi, yes you can upload new file through cPanel, please navigate into this folder: domain / web / wp-content / plugins and there you delete old one and upload a new one.

  3. i have done all of your recommendations, site works without pro plugin enabled, when i enable the plugin, the frontend gets the white screen of death.

  4. i found a fix. for those who have white screen of death – check your memory limits on your php.ini file. the pro plugin seems to be a v heavy coded plugin, so more memory is required for it to run.

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