Normal vs Special Pages

What is the difference between standard and special pages? What are special pages and how to customise their layout? You’ll learn everything in this Ait Themes video tutorial about Page Builder.

What is Default Layout?

Did you know that you can preset a default layout that will be used if there’s no custom layout for a given specific page? It is very simple. Have a look at this video tutorial covering default layout in Ait […]

How to create image link in WordPress

This WordPress video tutorial for beginners talks about more options you have with images in WordPress blog posts. You can link your image to any internal or external page. We will show you how.

How to work with Megamenu

Megamenu is built in feature in all our recent WordPress themes. It allows you to display columns or amend design of the main navigation.

How to display testimonials in carousel

Every element that you can use on your website in page builder has several options. We will look at just some of them in this WordPress video tutorial.

How to translate custom post types wit AIT Languages plugin

This video tutorial will help you create and manage multilingual website with WordPress. With AIT Themes it’s an easy job to translate your website into multiple languages. You only need AIT Languages plugin that also includes admin translations into most […]