Users Registration and Packages Options

Updated: March 26, 2018

The theme allows visitors of website register and manage own Items on the site. Follow instructions below to correctly set up your theme.

Users registration

First of all you have to allow users register on your website. Option to allow registration is available in general WordPress options. Select that anyone can register and use Subscriber as default role for registration.

Allow users registration

Registration process

Users are registered in Packages provided by theme and managed from Theme Options. Each package might have set different capabilities to manage Items, different price (required is one of our payments plugin like PayPal Payments or Stripe Payments…), time expiration and ability to use information related to Item Posts.
Users are registered with the role according to selected Package during registration.

  • In case of charged package, user stays registered as Subscriber until payment isn’t processed and PayPal (or other compatible payment gateway from our portfolio) send to the system notification about correctly processed payment. Consequently, the user role is changed automatically from Subscriber to the role with name of Package. If user do not process payment (or leave paymant page), he is still registered as Subscriber and after login he can select Package again – process for payment is repeated again.
  • If is used Bank Transfer payment method, all management about payment is in hands of website administrator. User stays registered as Subscriber too, until website administrator receive payment and manually set Role according to package for which user pay.

After successfull registration process is user always redirected to the homepage with notification message displayed in header of website. In case of payments, you can select in Theme Options page where is user redirected after successfull or unsuccessfuly payment process – more information are available in documentation of appropriate payments plugin.

Manage Packages for Users

All created Packages are available from Theme Options. You can create unlimited number of Packages and select wanted capabilities for users.

Email notifications available in options will notify your users via email before expiration of their account. You can specify the time in days to allow users renew their account before expiration. If user doesn’t renew the subscription, the account role is going to be downgraded back to Subscriber automatically.

Note please, options below are applied only for AIT Item custom post type. Changes are not applied to other custom post types or general wordpress blog posts.

For each account you can set following options:

  • Admin approve – admin must approve new Item before it is visible for public
  • Admin approve edited – admin must approve edited Item before it is visible for public
  • Featured items – all items from package are marked as featured on the frontend
  • Name – name of the package
  • Description – description text for your package
  • Maximum Items – maximum number of Items which user from package can create
  • Expiration Limit – time limit in days while package is active for user
  • Price – price for package
  • Content (Editor) – allow users from package use main content editor
  • Content (Media) – allow users from package use media to insert images into content
  • Excerpt – allow users from package use excerpt field to write short description of item displayed in the lists of items on frontend
  • Image – allow users from package use main image which represent item on the frontend lists and map
  • Comments – allow users from package use comments for item
  • Header Type – allow users to define type of header for their item
  • Address – allow users from package use address fields
  • Telephone – allow users from package use telephone
  • Email – allow users from package use email input and other related options like contact owner button or hiding of email on frontend
  • Web – allow users from package use web address
  • Opening Hours – allow users from package use opening hours section
  • Social Icons – allow users from package use social icons section
  • Gallery – allow users from package use gallery
  • Features – allow users from package use features
  • Yoast Seo – allow users manage SEO via WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin – option take effect if plugin is installed
  • Item author approve Reviews – allow owners of Item posts approve received reviews via Item Reviews plugin – option take effect if plugin is installed


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