AIT Updater plugin documentation

Updated: February 10, 2017

AIT Updater plugin makes theme and plugins updates easiest. We use as much functionality of WordPress core as possible. There is almost no difference between updating plugins or themes downloaded from and plugins or themes downloaded from our AitThemes.Club. It checks for updates on our servers and download updates via our API, instead from

Like themes must have the same directory name (also known as “slug”) when you install them, the same applies for updates to process them properly. So our themes need to have same unchanged directory name too. You should not rename theme directory name ./wp-content/themes/theme-directory-name. When you download theme for the first time and you unzip it, directory name that you see should stay unmodified. Otherwise automatic updates will not work. Unfortunately this is the way WordPress and its updating functionality works.

Plugin installation

Plugin itself is installed with theme automatically. Anyway if you would like for some reason install plugin from zip package manually, you can download free AIT Updater plugin right from our website. Simply sign in to your account, via main menu navigate to Download Plugins section and look for AIT Updater plugin.
You can decide which way of plugin installation is better for you:

  • in WordPress admin navigate to Plugins menu and click on “Add new” button. On the next screen click on “Upload Plugin” button where you will be asked to upload plugin zip file. Upload file and WordPress will do the rest of the work. After successful installation activate plugin.
  • via FTP, unzip file “” and upload folder ait-updater to following directory on your website installation: ./wp-content/plugins/

Plugin Settings

After plugin activation, there will be new WordPress admin menu item. For our newer themes advertised as “Translated and Multilingual Themes” (so themes with Page Builder) this menu item appears on single site WordPress installation under “Theme Admin” menu item. For all other cases like multisite installation or if our older theme is installed, plugin menu item will be displayed as last menu item in main WordPress menu. Please see following pictures:

AIT Updater menu item on multisite installation - Network admin area

AIT Updater menu item on multisite installation in Network admin area

AIT Updater on older themes

AIT Updater on older themes on single-site WP installation

AIT Updater under "Theme Admin" menu item

AIT Updater under “Theme Admin” menu item on newer themes on single-site WP installation

After plugin activation is necessary fill in few details that represent your unique user profile in our

Enter your credentials

Checking for updates of our plugins and themes does not require any credentials. However actual update of the theme or plugin does require your credentials.
Needed credentials to recognize your account are:

  • username which you are using in our members area
  • unique AIT API key generated for your user profile

Both information you can get from our website. Sign in to your account and navigate to Profile menu. Under API key tab you can find all information:

Get AIT API credentials

Insert your username and AIT API key into AIT Updater plugin settings:

AIT Updater Options

That’s all what you have to do to allow AIT Updater plugin download all updates for products covered by your purchased subscription.

Backup old versions before update

We made option to backup your old version of the theme or plugin before update built-in by default. When the zip file is downloaded from our servers by WordPress, the whole process of making actual update is handled by WordPress and the process is following:

  1. old theme/plugin directory is deleted
  2. downloaded zip file is unpacked to the new directory with the same name as it was previous

Because of that, deletion of directory with old version of theme or plugin cause the lost of all your custom modifications which you did directly in theme or plugin folder. That’s why we highly recommend use of Child Theme for your modifications.
To save your modification we added option to backup old version of theme or plugin and this option is turned on by default. Backup feature requires PHP extension that provides PHP class “ZipArchive”, most webhostings have available this extension in their PHP installations. If this class is not present, there will be message that you don’t have this class and you will not be able to use this feature. In that case you should contact your webhosting provider, or do the backup of files yourself.

Backup files can be found in ./wp-content/uploads/backups/ folder.
For convenient access to those backups, they are all listed as clickable links right in plugin options, just navigate to tab Themes & Plugins Backup.

AIT Updater Backups

Error messages you can get during update process

As it was mentioned above, to allow WordPress download an updates you have to enter your username and API key. With that credentials we can check if you are member of our club, and whether you have the permission to download given package based on your subscription level. Because of this conditions, you can get following error messages:

  • “Can not authenticate user due to incorrect credentials. Make sure you have correct username and API key.”
    This message you can see if you don’t have any credentials entered, or those credentials are incorrect. Please double check your username and API key in the plugin settings.
  • “You can not download this theme.”
    You don’t have the permission to download given plugin or theme due to your subscription level.