Theme and Plugins Update Instructions

Updated: May 19, 2020

If a new version of the theme is available, you would update your theme as soon as possible to have installed most recent version.


Please remember to do your website/database backup just in case anything goes wrong.

Available are two ways how to install updates of your Theme and Plugins:

  1. update theme and plugins with a simple click in administration side using AIT Updater Plugin. It is the simplest solution to do actualisation.
  2. update theme and plugins via FTP where you have to delete folders with the old version of theme and plugins, and replace them with folders from newest package

If you made changes in parent theme files, you should keep backup of these files because your changes in files will be overwritten with default files from theme.

1. Automatic updates using AIT Updater plugin

Automatic updates are available through AIT Updater plugin. This plugin has to be uploaded and activated to check for updates and process whole update of products. Because of that we have packed the latest themes versions with this plugin.

If you are using older theme version and you are not sure if your already active version supports AIT Updater plugin, follow please article in our Knowledge Base: Update old version of theme which doesn’t support AIT Updater plugin.

Purchase on Themeforest

Automatic updates are available also for customers who purchased theme from Themeforest portal. Register please your purchase code to allow our system recognize your purchase: Register your theme purchase from Themeforest to get automatic updates

How to set up

Update via AIT Updater plugin require from you just few informations which have to be inserted in plugin options. Follow detailed documentation page of AIT Updater plugin which describe whole process from plugin installation to set up of all necessary options.

With AIT Updater plugin installed and configured you will be always notified about new updates.

How to proceed update when AIT Updater plugin is configured

When new version of theme or plugin is available, you are notified via standard WordPress bubble notifications in Dashboard > Updates menu.

Available Update Notification In WordPress Dashboard

Update of products may be processed from more places:

  • general WordPress Dashboard > Updates screen where you can update Themes and Plugins from one place
  • page where all your Themes are displayed. Navigate via WordPress menu to Appearance > Themes to see all your themes which may require update
  • page where all your Plugins are displayed. Navigate via WordPress menu to Plugins menu item where you can see all plugins which are installed and may require update

2. Update theme and plugins via FTP

To update theme and plugins via FTP, you have to have login information from your hosting company to access website files via FTP. All what you have to do is basically just deletion of old theme or plugin, and upload folder with new version of theme or plugin in place of old version.

Zip package with theme and plugins may be downloaded right from our website, sign in to your account, and download purchased theme from Download Themes section. Downloaded zip package with theme include also latest version of plugins which are provided directly with theme, although plugins may be downloaded directly from our website too, just navigate to Download Plugins section.

Update AIT Theme

  1. access your website installation via FTP and find folder with your installed theme: ./wp-content/themes/theme-name
  2. delete folder with theme
  3. upload folder with theme from downloaded package
  4. delete theme cached files in folder ./wp-content/uploads/cache/
  5. that’s all:)

Do not forget update also Plugins which were installed with theme and are included in theme package, inside folder ./ait-theme/plugins/.

  • AIT Shortcodes – plugin with all available shortcodes
  • AIT Elements Toolkit – plugin with all available custom post types
  • AIT Updater – plugin which allows you automatically update theme and plugins simply using one click
  • Revolution Slider – standalone Revolution Slider plugin which is prepacked with theme

Update AIT Plugins

Process to update plugin via FTP is the same like update of theme described above.

  1. access your website installation via FTP
  2. delete folders with plugins:
  3. unpack new versions of plugins from theme folder ./ait-theme/plugins/
  4. upload all folders with plugins to folder: ./wp-content/plugins/
  5. after this, all plugins are updated and you can access your WordPress dashboard
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