Search Form

Updated: January 25, 2017

Search Form element displays search form in header of page. The search form searches for the items defined by the Items Custom Post Type. You can search by Keyword, Category, Location or by Radius from your current position. Results are shown both on the Header Map Element and also in the content as like in a basic search.

All you need to do is to enable the Search Form Element on wanted page via Page Builder and fill out options defined by the element.
Avalaible options are:

  • Type – type of search form to show (Search Form or Search Sentence)
  • Radius Units – type of units to search items (kilometers / miles)
  • Radius Help – help in the radius popup
  • Search Sentence – sentence to display. Use the keywords to show the options. Avalaible keywords ({search-keyword}, {search-category}, {search-location}, {search-radius})

Example of Search Form element present simple search form in CityGuide theme, for more information about search form options in themes Directory+, BusinessFinder+, EventGuide or FoodGuide follow documentation pages related to theme.

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