Price Tables

Updated: August 31, 2016

AIT Toolkit plugin is required to use this Custom Post Type.

With Price Tables post type you can create unlimited count of price tables and show them in any place of page content. Tables may be divided to categories so you can show another price tables on another page.

Create new Price Table

In main WordPress menu navigate to Price Tables menu option where are available options:

  • All Price Tables – display all your Price Tables posts
  • Add New – page to add new Price Table
  • Categories – page to manage categories of Price Tables

Steps to add new Price Table

1. Click on Add New link in menu or button on page with all your Price Tables to create new Price Table.
You will see the following screen:

Add New Price Table

2. On the top of Add New screen write title for your new table, below title field are available options to specify for each table:

  • Title – text displayed as title in the head of price table
  • Description – text displayed below table title
  • Price – text displayed as price in table
  • Table Rows – By clicking “+ Add New Item” link you can create new row for table. For each row is available field to write text into this row. Number of rows for table is not limited.
  • Button Text – text displayed on the button in table footer
  • Button Link – link used for button in table footer
  • Featured – option to mark table as featured, featured table will be highlighted and will look different against other tables

3. On the right side is place to assign new table to some category, so you can divide your tables to more categories and decide then which category of tables will be displayed on page.

4. Order field is used to order price tables displayed on page. Just write for your price tables numbers to order them like you want.

5. Click Publish button to submit and create your new Price Table

Check out our Page Builder documentation to see how you can display created price tables using Price Table Element.

Edit Price Table

To edit your existing tables go to page with All Price Tables and click on the title of table. In opened page you can change values set up for table in the same way as you did when you create new table. When you are done with editing, click Update button on the right side of edit screen.


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