PayPal Payments – Theme Options

Updated: March 11, 2020

Plugin requires set-up some settings to make online payments running:


  • Username – username generated by PayPal
  • Password – password generated by PayPal
  • Signature – signature key generated by PayPal for you to enable connectivity with PayPal API

Use of Business or Premier PayPal account is requirement on PayPal side to receive payments over PayPal. If you are using standard personal account update please to Premier or Business – it’s free for use.

How to get your PayPal API credentials

Follow please official PayPal tutorial to get your Live API Credentials.

Login to your PayPal account and follow steps below:


  • After approving of payment – page where is user moved after successful payment
  • After cancelling of payment process – page where is user moved after cancelled payment


Turn on logging in case you want store information about each PayPal payment. Information are stored in log file is stored in ./wp-content/debug-paypal-log.log

PayPal Theme Options

Selection of payment type

Frontend registration widget allows user select PayPal type of payment. Dropdown display all enabled payment types defined in Payments Theme Options. Not installed or turned on option is not displayed in this dropdown.

CityGuide Registration Widget

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