Obituary Theme Options

Updated: March 31, 2016

Obituary theme options provide general options for all Obituary posts. To access Obituary theme options navigate from main WordPress menu to Theme Admin > Theme Options > Obituary option.

Obituary theme options include following settings:

strong>Posts per page – number that specify number of posts displayed at once on the page with all Obituary posts.
Default Image of Person – default image displayed within Obituary posts that don’t have specified own main Obituary Image.

Obituary Details section

Gallery Section Text – text displayed under photo gallery on Obituary detail page.
Icons Descriptive Text – text displayed under custom icons, for each custom icon you can set up Name and Link of icon pointed to any page, as icon image is displayed selected icons from FontAwesome library.

Google Map – decide if Google Map is displayed or hidden for all Obituary detail pages.

Obituary Theme Options

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