Updated: August 31, 2016

AIT Toolkit plugin is required to use this Element.

Matches element display on page matches created in Matches Custom Post Type options available from main WordPress menu. This Element is available only in Sportclub theme.

Element allows you display all available matches, latest match with results, next match with date or both latest and next match at once.

  • Category – select which category of matches will be displayed
  • Order – select Ascending or Descending order for displayed matches
  • Type – select to display actual or all matches
    • Actual Match: display actual match
    • All Matches: display all matches with results at once

Actual Match Display Options section

With selected Actual Match type you can select display option:

  • Display – select match to display
    • Latest Match Only: display only latest match with results
    • Next Match Only: display only next match with date of match
    • Both: display both latest and next match at once

For more information about Type and Display options follow Sportclub Specific Documentation here.

Matches Element

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