Infobar Plugin Options

Updated: June 26, 2018

Plugin options are available in the left side WordPress menu, where exactly you could find options in the menu is described in plugin installation documentation page.

General options:

  • Infobar position: notification bar can be displayed on the top or bottom of your website
  • Text: the main text displayed inside notification bar
  • Button Text: text displayed on the button used to close notification bar. Once there is no text defined for the button, displayed is only simple small X button in the corner of notification bar which close the bar after click.
  • Cookie expiration: expiration of cookie in days

Colors options:

  • Background Color: the main background color of notification bar
  • Text Color: color for the main text displayed in the bar, text information may include simple html syntax like paragraph, lists or links
  • Links Color: color of links used in the text
  • Button Background Color
  • Button Text Color

Plugin active with AIT Multilingual Theme

AIT Infobar plugin is fully compatible with our AIT Languages plugins, for each translation of your website you can display text in wanted language. Plugin active on our multilingual themes is designed like the rest of our theme admin.

AIT Infobar General Settings - AIT Multilingual theme

AIT Infobar Colors Settings - AIT Multilingual theme

Plugin active with older AIT Theme or third-party theme

Plugin active with one of our older no Multilingual Theme, third-party theme or plugin active in the network of Multisite installation offer options in general WordPress design.

AIT Infobar settings - Third party theme

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