How to use Directory Migrations Plugin

Updated: August 1, 2016

We strongly recommend to do a backup of your database before migration, to make sure you can still revert changes back in case of any problem. Information how to create SQL dump of your database you can get from your server administrator or hosting company.
You should also consider to create testing subdomain where the whole migration process will be done.  Once the migration is completed, you can move website from testing to live domain.

Steps to migrate data using Directory Migrations plugin are the same for migration from old Directory or BusinessFinder theme to themes like CityGuide, Directory+ and BusinessFinder+

1. Install and configure new Theme

  1. install purchased CityGuide, Directory+ or BusinessFinder+ theme and activate theme on website where you are running old Directory or BusinessFinder theme
  2. if your Directory or BusinessFinder theme use Accounts for registered users, configure Packages in newly installed theme CityGuide, Directory+ or BusinessFinder+ following documentation related to installed theme. Users from your current Accounts will be migrated to related Package configured in CityGuide, Directory+ or BusinessFinder+ theme

Migration on multilingual website

If your website uses WPML plugin, you can still migrate information to appropriate languages following steps:

  1. before migration deactivate your WPML plugin, in database are still information about posts and language relations
  2. install AIT Languages plugin and add all wanted languages following documentation pages related to multilingual optionsif languages are not added to website, migration will assign all posts to your default language
  3. run migration following steps below

2. Migration process

First step in the migration process is the setup of packages created in theme options. You need to assign old Accounts to newly created Packages in new theme. This cannot be done automatically.

After saving the package settings, you will be redirectred to the migration screen.

From this point all you need to do, is to click “Migrate” button. All migration is done automatically.

Progressbar and remaining time will inform you about process.
Migration process migrate users to their selected packages, Item Category taxonomy, Item Locations taxonomy and Item Posts. Reviews are migrated only if you have Item Reviews plugin installed. WPML translations of items are migrated too, if AIT Languages plugin is installed and activated.

After migration, you can see the log file of process.

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