How to set up Claim Listing plugin

Updated: September 18, 2017

After successful plugin activation are available new options in Theme Options:

Claim Plugin Options

Available are options:

  • Enable Claim Listing – turn on/off ability to claim Item posts
  • Default Package – select package in which will be registered visitor who claim Item post, also only users previously registered in this Package (wordpress role) are able claim Item post – how to set up Packages in your theme, follow documentation page that describe users registration process and packages options for your installed theme
  • Email Subject – subject of email sent to admin after claim
  • Email Message – content of email sent to admin after claim, available are placeholders:
    {user} – username and email address of user who claim Item post,
    {item} – name of the claimed Item post,
    {actions} – actions links to direct approve or decline claim request
  • Section Title – tile of section on Item page which represent claim feature
  • Section Description – description of section on Item page which represent claim feature
  • Form Username Label – label for Username field in claim form
  • Form Email Label – label for Email field in claim form
  • Form Payment Label – label for Payment field in claim form
  • Form Captcha Label – label for Captcha field in claim form
  • Form Submit Label – label for Submit button in claim form
  • Logged in form text – text displayed for logged in user instead of the form

Claim Listing forms

Available are two types of the form to claim listing:

1. form is displayed for visitor of website who isn’t already registered on the website

Visitor Claim

2. for user registered in Default Package (see information about default package in settings above) on website is displayed button to claim the listing

Registered User Claim Message

Claim status of Item

Available are three types of statuses related to Claim feature. Each Item is marked with one of Claim status:

  • Unclaimed – item post was not claimed and is available for claim
  • Pending – item post waiting for admin moderation. If admin decline claim request, status is changed back to Unclaimed. If admin approve claim request, Item post is assigned to user who sent request.
  • Approved – item post was claimed and is assigned to registered user, admin can disable also Approved status and make Item post again available for claim

Following image displays Item Posts screen where are presented all three types of notification.

Claim Status

Claim process Metabox

In Item post edit page is available Claim Listing metabox which inform about “claim status” of Item post. Presented are information like status, owner of item who requested claim and date when item was claimed.

Claim Metabox


Claim Listing plugin send and display notifications related to requested claim or current status of item post.

Email notification

When registered user or visitor of website sent claim request, Admin of website is notified via email – see email settings in Theme Options described above. Admin can approve or decline claim request directly via links in the mail.

Frontend notifications

Implemented are four types of frontend notification.

1. item post is already claimed, post is not available for claim request

Claim Proces Item Claimed

2. item post pending Admin moderation

Claim Process Pending Approval

3. item post cannot be claimed by currently logged in user because of Role in which is registered. Claim request can be sent by registered user only if user is registered with selected Default Package (see Default Package option in Theme Options above)

Claim Process Disabled For Role

4. item post cannot be claimed by registered user because of exceed maximum Item posts which currently logged in user can add

Claim Process Maximum Items

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