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Updated: February 1, 2017

Review questions for all Item Posts

Reviews Plugin adds new options in your Theme Options screen – Item Reviews.
In this section you can define values, to which visitors of website will write reviews and give ratings. Questions specified in this section will be available for each one Item Post created in theme, so they will be displayed on each single page of Item.

Item Reviews

Override questions defined for all Item Posts

In case you do not want use the same questions for all Items, because you are having on the site different types of businesses, you can use Reviews Categories. For example you do not need ask visitors to write review how they tasted food for Item which present car service business. You would like to show different set of questions for this business.
Category with new set of questions can override default questions created in Theme Options. In edit page of your Item Post you will be able select Category of Reviews to specify which set of questions will be used for this one specific Item Post.

In Reviews > Category options screen fill up new set of Questions:

Override default reviews categories

In Edit screen of Items Posts new metabox appear, option allows you select category with another set of questions:

Select different set of questions for Item

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