Horizontal Rule

Updated: August 31, 2016

AIT Toolkit plugin is required to use this Element.

Horizontal rule element create the line on page, usually is used as the separator between sections on page. Available is also option to use “top” button on the rule. After click on this button the page scrolls up to the top.

  • Type – select type of the rule, available is Simple Line, Bold Line, Dashed and Shadowed type or the rule
  • Size – you can select from two types of the rule size:
    • Fullwidth Size: the rule goes over full width of screen
    • Content Size: width of the rule depends on the width of content section
  • Slide Up Button – decide if you want to show “top” button on the rule

Advanced options

  • Color – specify color of the rule
  • Top Padding – space above the rule
  • Bottom Padding – space below the rule

Horizontal Rule Element

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