Google Map

Updated: July 27, 2018

AIT Toolkit plugin is required to use this Element.

Google Map element provide basic options to create Google Map, but available are also many options to style created Google Map in Advanced options!

  • Type – select the type of Google Map, available is Normal Map, Satellite Map and Hybrid Map type
  • Size – you can select two types of map size:
    • Content Size: width of map depends on the width of content section or column in case you have map inside Columns element
    • Fullwidth Size: width of map is set up to full width of screen
  • Height – specify the height of created Google Map
  • Address – specify the position displayed on map when it loads
  • Zoom – specify the zoom level of map right after loading


By clicking on “+ Add New Item” link you can add markers to your map, and set up for them:

  • Title – title displayed inside infobox shown after click on marker
  • Link – link used inside infobox shown after click on marker
  • Description – description text displayed inside infobox shown after click on marker
  • Icon Image – image used as icon on the map instead default marker
  • Address – address which specify the exact position of marker on map – use please real address instead of GPS coordinates, recommended is the same address that is used by Google Map generally

Load Google Map on request

Using option “Load Map” you can select how the Google Map is loaded on your website:

  • After page load – standard behavior, Google Map is loaded immediately when page is loaded
  • After click on button – Google Map is not loaded after page load at all, only manual click of visitor on the button in place of map will load the Google Map

For more information read our article Load Google Map on request.

Advanced options

Advanced options include options to style map and change colors of map sections:

Map General Colors section

  • Map’s Border – color of the border around map
  • Map’s Hue – hue color of map
  • Map’s Saturation – saturation level of map
  • Map’s Brightness – brightness level of map

Map Object Colors section

  • Saturation – saturation level of objects on map
  • Brightness – brightness level of objects on map
  • Landscape Hue – hue color of landscape
  • Administrative Hue – hue color of administrative areas
  • Roads Hue – hue color of roads
  • Water Hue – hue color of water
  • POI Hue – hue color of Points Of Interest (POI)
  • MouseWheel Zoom – enable or disable zooming of map using MouseWheel

Using drag&drop system you can easily change order of created markers if you need. Just drag and drop markers to position you want.

Google Map Element

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