Get Directions general options

Updated: June 5, 2018

After update to Get Directions 2.0 plugin version from older versions are moved all options from Theme Admin > Get Directions to Theme Options > Get Directions. All your previously set up options are moved too so you don’t need to update options or set up them again, all is done automatically during plugin activation.

Settings in Theme Options are divided to sections:

  • Directions Setup – set up default values for the Get Directions form displayed on the page
  • Directions Visual – visual options for the route, set up start and end marker of the route
  • Map Setup – general settings for Google Map to define type of map like Hybrid, Roadmap, Sattelite or Terrain
  • Map Behaviour – define ability to use actions on the Google Map, like dragging or zoom using mouse button click or mouse wheel
  • Map Controls – turn on or off controls available on the Google Map, more information related to options are in general Google documentation:
  • Map Visual – visual settings for the Google Map to personalize google map to design of your website, more information related to options are in general Google documentation:
  • Form Setup – personalize buttons and inputs of the form, you can write own text for most of plugin parts

In directory type themes (like CityGuide, Directory+, EventGuide, FoodGuide) you can display on the map also Item Posts around the route. For these purposes are available options:

  • Enable Category Input – with enabled option will be displayed in the Get Directions form also selection of all Item Categories. Visitor can select category of item posts that he would like to show around the route.
  • Enable Radius Input – option will allow visitor of website define radius in kilometers that means maximum distance from the route where will be displayed Item markers.
  • Radius Input Default Value – option define default value of radius displayed on the page, can be changed by visitor manually in the form.

Plugin options allow you to change also texts displayed within plugin on the frontend, you can define custom text and labels.

Get Directions Theme Options

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