Featured Items

Updated: May 31, 2016

Items posts created in CityGuide theme might be marked as featured to show them on the top of items lists – search results, category/location pages or list of items created using Items Element in Page Builder.

Available are two ways how to manage Featured Items:

  1. set up in created Package that items created by users registered in this Package will be marked as featured
  2. administrator of website can make item featured manually on Item Edit page

1. All items from registered user are Featured

If item is marked as featured depends on the user who create this Item, especially on the Package in which is user registered. In settings of Packages can be specified if Items created by users registered in this package are featured or not:

Featured Items option in Packages

2. Admin makes Item featured

Administrator of website can decide which one item will marked as featured, doesn’t matter who create that item.

Featured Item option in Item Edit Page

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