Extended Google Map

Updated: January 10, 2017

Google Map settings are separated into 4 main sections:

  1. Appearance settings
  2. Markers – add several markers on current map
  3. Address – map will be centered to this address/location
  4. Post Markers – find more information below…

    Google Map Settings

Each Marker has several own settings to set up url link, marker title and description, icon image and address to which item will be pinned.

Post Markers

This option allows you to pin all existing posts on the map (each post can hold GPS data – read more about extended posts). You can either filter posts by categories or use Special page settings. If this is enabled and Google Map element is added on Special Page map behave slightly different on these pages:

  • on single post page – if current post has specified GPS coordinates map shows only this post. Otherwise displays all posts with GPS
  • on author page – map displays all posts by current author
  • on category archive page – map displays all posts from certain category
  • on date archive page – map displays all posts published in certain month

Similar option is also in Advanced tab: Google Map element has pre-defined, translated titles which appears only on above mentioned pages in case you enable option Special Page Title. All other pages will use title typed in the Title field.

Google Map advanced settings

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