Events Pro Global Options

Updated: May 31, 2016

Events Pro plugin’s options are divided into these sections:

  1. Event Detail
  2. Event Category
  3. Sorting

1. Event Detail


Event Detail allows you to set following:

Images Options

  • Default Featured Image: this image is used in event listings as default image if event doesn’t have own
  • Default Header Image: this image is used as default header of event’s detail if event doesn’t have own

Map options

  • Display landscape
  • Display administratives
  • Display roads
  • Display water
  • Display poi

Those options speak for themselves. They are default options for maps dedicated for events. Be aware that those options can be overwritten in options of specific maps depending on actual theme settings.

Address Options

  • Hide Empty Values: if event does not have filled any inputs, there will be no placeholder on front-end for them
  • Hide GPS: GPS coordinates are displayed on event detail under address
  • Nofollow Web Link: nofollow attribute is applied on event web links for SEO purposes

2. Event Category


Event Category allows you to set following:

Image Options

  • Category Default Icon: default icon for categories without own icon
  • Category Default Map Marker: default marker for categories without own map marker – displayed in all maps with events
  • Category Default Imager: default image for categories without own header image – displayed in category detail if the header is set to be an image

3. Sorting


Sorting allows you to set following:

  • Number of Items: number of items listed on one page before it starts to paginate
  • Order By: default order of items listed on page
  • Order: ascending or descending order of items listed on page
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